Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What kind of prep work is required before pouring the concrete for my driveway?

    A good grading of the land should be performed to “plane out” or smooth the area. Once done, compacting the soils will provide a solid base for your driveway.

  • How thick should the driveway be?

    Most residential driveways are 4 inches in thickness at a minimum. If vehicular traffic includes lots of delivery trucks or garbage trucks and the like, a 6 inch thick driveway may be necessary.

  • How do you choose the right concrete mixture for my driveway?

    Think function and fashion. Function wise 3000 psi mix is the standard. We prefer to pour 4000 psi on our residential projects to enhance the quality of the product. More durable to be sure. Fashion wise we can offer you decorative concrete colors and finishings. From exposed aggregate to stamped to color, we have it all.

  • Is there any reinforcement that goes into a concrete driveway?

    We can add a fiber additive that is actually mixed into the concrete at the plant. We also install wire woven mesh that come in sheets and are spaced on a 6″ x 6″ grid. The gold standard is laying #3 or #4 rebar lengths into the concrete before the pour.

  • How long before I can park in my new driveway?

    We typically ask our clients to stay off of the driveway for 5 days.

  • How do I choose between contractors when replacing my driveway?

    We suggest you get a working budget and plan together for your project. Then consult with multiple contractors after evaluating their digital presence. Choose experience over exciting sales pitch. Choose value over bait and switch tactics. If all is even, then choose a contractor that you belive will bring to life the vision you and your family have worked so hard for.

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