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Concrete Slab Installation


Attention to Detail Guaranteed

When you're in need of concrete slab creation services and don't know who to call, remember that Creme De La Creme Concrete is always available to help. We offer creation services for all different types of concrete slabs, so you can rest assured we can take care of whatever job you need to be done.  
The quality of our work is unmatched by our competitors. We hire only the most qualified contractors and technicians, so you always know you're in good hands with our team of concrete slab experts. Plus, we have the licenses to prove it. We're even bonded and insured, so there's no risk involved on your part.
If our diverse menu of concrete slab options isn't striking your fancy, that's okay too! We also do custom creations to suit our clients' specific needs. 
Have a look at some of our primary services down below and see what Creme De La Creme Concrete can do for you today!



Concrete slabs are a crucial component of so many construction projects, and they're especially useful for home building and renovations. They serve as a fundamental support system to build on top of and are quite commonly used for foundations, patios, and decks in residential projects. They also come in a wide variety of different forms to suit the needs of many construction styles and building plans.
Because the concrete slab is an integral part of a foundation, it must be created under expert supervision and to the exact right specifications for the job. If the concrete slab is not up to par, it can have disastrous consequences for the rest of the build. That's why you should only trust the experts like our team at Creme De La Creme with a job as vital as this one.


Foundation Work

A concrete slab foundation is necessary for any residential construction project in a warm climate, especially when building on top of loose soil. Shifting soil under a home build can cause unstable conditions that will inevitably ruin any construction plans going on top of it, but the solid concrete slab provides a stable and unwavering foundation to build upon.  

Concrete slab foundations are associated with many benefits that homeowners love:

  • They are cheaper to build than many other foundation options, such as wooden pier foundations.

  • They are also far more resistant to common problems like pests, mold, and mildew, so they are less likely to incur frequent damage.

  • Additionally, the lack of a crawlspace beneath the concrete slab foundation typically leads to reduced utility costs associated with air conditioning and heating.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the benefits that come with our concrete slab installations!


Slabs For Freezing Temperatures

Climate has a significant effect on the way foundations behave, so each town has its own necessary requirements for local builders to consider when building concrete slab foundations. For example, in areas where the ground is likely to freeze, certain adjustments need to be made to the construction of the foundation to prevent it from cracking.

In this case, a T-shaped slab is used with a simple process:

  • First, a supporting base called a footing is placed below the level at which the ground freezes.

  • Then, a foundation arranged in a T shape can be built on top of that layer.

  • Finally, the walls can be constructed, and the concrete slab poured in using the T-shaped structure as a support.

Even though it's an additional regulation requirement, T-shaped slabs are worthwhile for homeowners. This installation method offers extra assurance that there won't be any serious issues with your foundation when the winter comes. 


For Milder Climate

In milder climates where residents don't have to worry about the ground freezing over in the winter, slab-on-grade foundations are a great choice. Instead of pouring the slab so that it has a uniform thickness all the way through, the receptacle is constructed to allow for thicker edges and a thinner center. These thick edges can then be reinforced with steel rods for added stability.
A gravel bed is usually placed under the thin part of the slab to protect against moisture buildup and allow for better drainage. Additionally, a wire mesh can be set into the concrete to guard against the eventuality of a crack occurring.  
For homeowners who prefer slab-on-grade foundations but live in cold climates where ground freezing is a concern, we can adjust our installation process to include insulation that protects against the cold.


Insulated Slabs

Frost-protected concrete slab foundations are a must for homes with heated foundations that seriously require protection from ground freezing. This method is essentially the same as the slab-on-grade foundation, but it is used with a heated structure and relies on two pieces of insulation: one above and one below the slab.  
The insulation prevents heat from escaping and allows the foundation's temperature to remain above freezing even when there is ice on the ground outside. The insulation is typically made from a material called polystyrene, which is known for its beneficial properties of heat retention.


Replacement Service

If you're not starting your construction project from scratch, that's okay too! We are also available to assist with replacing existing concrete slabs that are worse for wear.
Over time, a concrete slab foundation may begin to sink, crack, or otherwise experience damages that reduce its effectiveness and render it hazardous to the rest of your property. In this case, you must have the slab replaced as soon as possible before disaster strikes. 
Luckily for you, our team is full of highly trained and experienced contractors and technicians who are experts at performing quick, safe, and secure concrete slab replacements.


Free Estimate

No matter what kind of concrete slab work you need, Creme De La Creme Concrete is always available to help. Our experts will stop at nothing to ensure that you're satisfied with the finished product. 
If you're ready to get started on your next project, call in and speak to one of our technicians about getting an estimate today!

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